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I am just too cute for words


*Name Lissy
*Age 14
*Sexual Preference heterosexual
*Location My kitchen

*Bands/singers relientK ,sanctus real, tree63, shawn mcdonald,maroon5,audio a,newsboys,skillet,rebecca st. james,rachael lampa, caedmon's call,casting crowns,dcTalk, tobymac,gavin degraw,josh groban,jars of clay,starfield, third day, & mutemath....lots more....

*Movies count of monte cristo, princess bride, spider-man 1 & 2, the incredibles, elf, a beautiful mind, napoleon dynamite,I am sam, finding nemo, pirates of the carribbean, cast away....ect.
*Books Mara Daughter of the Nile, The Purpose driven life, & The prayer of Jabez for teens
*Food any cuban dish my mom makes :)
*Color pink and any kind of bright blue
*Song and why? "Untitled Hymn" (Come to Jesus) by Chris Rice it just maks me cry and "He Reigns" its such a beautiful song to sing to God.
*TV Show and why? Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite....I have been a fan since the beginning.
*Actor Tom Hanks is a really great actor.
*Actress mmm none.
*Quote "A Conclusion is just a place where someone stopped thinking: -not sure who its by.
*Animal Cat & Horse
*Store Penny Lane & Kohls


*Gay Marriage- Its wrong because God clearly says its wrong (1 Cor. 6:9) and as a Christian I won't go against what God's word says. That doesn't mean I need to be mean or rude to anyone who chooses this lifestyle...because we are supposed to love but I do not have to go along with the sin.

*George Bush- Hes a great man and the only one who has done anything right. He did his job he defended our country. So why do so many people hate him??? He made a decision that protected us....terrorists attacked us and killed our people and as americans we can't stand for that. We have paid to big a price to let it all go cause we are scared.

*Drugs- its just not wise to do them because it hurts your body and The Bible says that our bodies are a temple (1 Cor. 6:19) and by doing something that hurts our bodies we are hurting God's temples.

*Alcohol- makes you do stupid things that could lead to sin so you really shouldn't get hooked...also if you become unable to stop yourself from drinking to much it could become an obsession which is worshiping something other than God.

*Premarital Sex- God Says it is is for again as a christian I won't disobeyed God's word because I feel like it.

*Suicide-its just a sad selfish thing to do. taking your own life because things get hard its just sad.

*Self-mutilation-again you are abusing your body....and that is disrespecting God.

*Abortion- Murder is wrong and abortion is taking the life of a living thing before it even had a aborting a baby you are denying it the right to choose to serve God. and that is wrong.

*Plastic Surgery- meh it really isnt wrong I mean it could be a thing where you are saying God didn't make you good enough....but I dunno...I would never get it.

*Eating Disorders-torturing your body just to feel good isn't good. You are hting yourself the people around you and basically living through hell just cause you felt to big. Its a sad reality.

Random Questions...
*Who is your role model and why? My mom she is just winderful mother and wife.
*Describe yourself in 5 words or less i am so awesome hah.
*If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Australlia!!! I love the way they talk.
*What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom. I love kids and just to be there taking care of my family sounds cool to me.
*Pet Peeves when people are always feeling sorry for themselves.
*What does your lj username mean? well I love the rk song pressing on...but somone already had the username pressing I just added pressingon_2

Other Stuff...
*Where did you hear about this community? it was promoted by Allan in _church_punks_
*Why did you join? because it seemed cool.
*What makes you so cute? just the fact that I am me... hah.
*Why should we accept you? cause I really want to be accepted :D and cause I am the cutest
*What is the link of the place you promoted this community?
*Did you read the rules? (don't lie!) Yes!!
*Post at least 1 cute picture of yourself

I am the one on the right.

and me with my huge snow chunk that I stuck under my friends car..w0000t. the cold will make you stupid.
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